Dear Visitor, 

The Fampath project is a remembrance culture project using AI (Artificial Intelligence), big data analyses and other state of the art IT solutions, planned to be available for the public later. The project is in its planning phase. For conceptual planning and feasibility purposes we have started an "individual life path" test-data collection by the involvement of 40 invited testers few moth ago. We would like to inform you, that the test period for this phase was successful and it has been closed. Our team is evaluating the results which will be used further in the conceptual planning and development of the Fampath project. 

Based on the request of the testers, we maintain the availability both for the data and for the pages which were used for the test-data collection with unchanged functionality. Thank you for your interest and patience until the development will be closed.  

Fampath team



A FamPath sütiket használ. A süti egy betűkből és számokból álló kisméretű fájl, amelyet az Ön számítógépén tárolunk és engedélyezése hiányában szolgáltatásunk nem fog megfelelően működni.